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RYME's Crackling Carignane & Aglianico 






Well, this is a really fun one...

I've offered RYME's very cool wines for a few years now and with each passing release, they always have a new twist on things.

Today's offer is for one such new twist along with one of their classics.

The last time I saw Ryan and Megan (where RYME comes from, in case you didn't know), the husband-and-wife duo behind these wines, they were pouring at an industry tasting and Megan pulled me aside and said, 'Matt, you have to try this'.

What she was so excited to show me was their newest addition, a pét-nat sparkler made of Carignan from the organically/dry-farmed Testa vineyard in Medocino County.

It was very light red in color, lightly sparkling and ridiculously drinkable.  The light red/pink fruits were herbaceous, spicy and earthy and it ended with a lively, refreshing finish.

I glanced at her with a 'what-is-this?!' look on my face and she just smiled and held up a magnum that was labeled 'Crackling Carignane'.

I've been waiting for it to arrive ever since.

It's only available in magnums and there was a minuscule amount that made it out of the winery.  I'm proud to say that I got a really nice chunk of that.

This is the perfect thing to bring along wherever it is you'll be over the next week.  It's great as an afternoon quaffer, perfect as a complement to a long lunch, awesome to bring to a barbecue...and it'll definitely be the most interesting thing on the table.

The other item from this release is my old favorite, their Aglianico Luna Matte 2012 -- a delicious red that also happens to be a great BBQ companion.

I know, you're thinking, 'more Aglianico?'  The answer is yes and here's why.

There are quite a few nice wines being made from Italian varietals in Cali these days but, to me, this is easily the best.  The reason I say so is because it so perfectly blends the classic characteristics of the grape (as it would taste at home) with the terroir of California.

The spicy, smoky, tannic elements of Aglianico are accentuated by the sunny, bright fruit you typically get from California.

It'll definitely evolve nicely over the next few years as well.

Blow all the Whispering Angel off the table with one of these beauties!

Matt Franco

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