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Rully Delicious
Another Tuesday, another Burgundy offer, amirite??

Yeah, I know it sometime seems like it's all people talk about, and I'm sure many of you are bombarded by blasts offering secondary market bottles from famous producers at stratospheric prices, but that's not what I'm doing today.

Instead, we're down in the Côte Chalonnaise, and I'm instead talking about Jean-Yves Devevey, and his lovely Rully.

The other week, we tasted Devevey's 2015 Rully La Chaume, and we were pretty ecstatic about what it was doing, especially for the money.

It was just wonderfully pure, deep, darkly tinted Pinot Noir, with fantastic Burgundian nuance beginning to emerge at this point in its evolution.  The generous nature of the 2015 vintage was firing on all cylinders.

We bought all that was left on the spot...which unfortunately wasn't all that much.

But last week, Henry, our rep from the importer, knowing how much we loved the 2015, came by with the exact same wine from the previous vintage, 2014.

Now, I've been vocal over the years about my love for the 2014 reds, and the 2014 La Chaume was the first one I've encountered that's really begun to enter that stage of life that I've always hoped/envisioned 2014s going to.

It's more linear than the 2015, more aromatic, more transparent, more lifted, more elegant and, in our opinion, even more engaging, thanks in no small part to the bracing acidity on the finish.

What made the 2014 even more intriguing was that fact that, unlike most Pinot Noir, especially from Burgundy, it held up beautifully on day two and was, in a number of ways, even more compelling than it was on day one.

Burgundy to drink, Burgundy to enjoy casually and without preoccupation...

...Burgundy that's Rully delicious...

(Eh?  Ehhhh?)

Rully La Chaume 2014
Rully La Chaume 2015

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