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Roy-Prevostat Chablis
Finding great value in Chablis is always a pleasure.

Finding great value in 1er Cru Chablis is even better.

Finding great value in fully mature 1er Cru Chablis is kind of unheard of...

...unless you've heard of Roy-Prevostat...

...which I kinda just did...

...which is kinda weird, being that the estate is literally 400 years old.

But that's how it goes sometimes...

The point is, I have now heard of them and am pretty happy about that.

Roy-Prevostat is actually owned by Daniel-Etienne Defaix these days.

If you know Defaix, you know that they like to hold back wines and release them late, and they do that with the R-P wines, as well.  

What I really like about this Roy-Prevostat 1er Cru Les Lys 2004, though, is the fact that it's a lot fresher than the older Defaix wines tend to be, which can be too aggressively savory and nutty for many people.

Here, all of the soulful minerality you expect from Chablis is on full display, but it's overlaid with a beautifully developed, wonderfully textured fruit that, while beginning to show hints of those richer, nuttier elements, still retains a citric freshness that keeps things very lively.

It's s delightful and awfully complete glass of wine at a quite fair price.

Being able to share the experience of a wine like this - a fully mature example of a famous appellation - with my customers without asking them to pay triple-digit pricing is what makes this job great.

Of course, getting to drink wines like this is pretty good too...

Domaine  Roy-Prevostat Chablis 1er Cru Les Lys 2004

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