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Roussillon Renegades

I know, it probably sounds kinda trite, but I'm going with it anyway.

Making wines in the Roussillon that are aimed at challenging some of the most legendary regions in wine?

Kinda Renegade-ish, eh?

Or maybe it's better to just say 'bad a$$', instead...

Either way, the Danjou brothers are crazy enough to do just that - produce wines in the Roussillon that communicate the varied terroirs and rustic charm of this overlooked region, but do so with lift, energy, aromatics and a nimble, sublimely elegant texture.

They're psycho-level biodynamic farmers and do everything the hardest (best) way possible, and the resulting wines are just gorgeous - focused, transparent and almost jesting in their subtle complexity.

Here are three of their wines that I'm highly high-minded about right now...

...renegade, bad-a$$...whatever you want to say...

...say it after you take a sip of these and then contemplate your next few words...

...because I promise they'll be memorable.

Cotes Catalanes Blanc Clot dels Escounils 2021 - all of the Grenaches (Blanc, Gris & Noir) in a white wine of tremendous focus and texture.  If white Burgundy moved south and picked up a new accent.

Cotes Catalanes Blanc La Truffiere 2021 - a truly unique, singular wine of 100% Grenache Gris.  Steely and racy, with a core of cool, mineral verve and acidic structure, all of which is lifted by a floral, herbaceous outer edge.  Utterly gorgeous.

Cotes Catalanes Rouge Les Myrs 2021 - composed entirely of 90+ year old, slate-soiled Carignan, this hypnotic red is one of the most breathtakingly transparent examples of a 'Rhône varietal' red you'll encounter.  It's deeply, pungently nuanced and, yet, nimbly crystalline in its complexity.  A fun loving, generous, yet deceptively wise, wine.

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