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Rosé...Burgundy Style
The other day's email was about familiar friends returning.

Today's offer is also about familiar friends returning...

Well, about a familiar friend returning...

...a Burgundy friend...

...a pink Burgundy friend...

(which, for those who might not know, means it's a rarity in the region)

The only real place where rosé has historically been produced in Burgundy is in the village of Marsannay, and only by a handful of producers, at that.

When the old Clair-Dau estate was split up, a bunch ended up under Jadot and, a few years back, they decided to begin producing this Marsannay Rosé in homage to the legendary Burgundian name.

And, I must say, that they've done a great job with it.

Proper Rosé of Marsannay is the kind of pinkie that almost belongs in the same category as, say, the great rosés of Bandol, in that, in order to really understand what makes it special, you kinda have to sit on it for a year and allow all the incredible depth to blossom.

Don't get me wrong, this wine is wonderful on release, but you do sometimes just get that feeling that it has more to show you.

As Ken Miles' says to Carroll Shelby in Ford v Ferrari - 'this car wants to go faster, Shel...'

Which brings me to the kicker about today's offer...'s for the 2020 Jadot Marsannay Rosé Clair-Dau so you don't have to wait!

(and you're even paying special lower pricing for the pleasure of instant Marsannay gratification, too)

One dip into this wine and you'll be both bowled over by how wonderfully delicious it is and instantly recognize that you're in Burgundy and drinking Pinot Noir.

Picture all the softly-textured earthy, stony, floral and damp elements you love in a great glass of red Burgundy and pink-i-fy them (i.e. make them lighter, brighter, racier and substantially more invigorating/refreshing) and you're in the right spot.

The herb-i-ness that pervades the whole thing is what ultimately defines it.

This is serious rosé.

Hell, this is serious wine...

...that's also seriously delicious...

No, I'm serious...

Rosé de Marsannay 'Clair-Dau' 2020

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