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Righteously Rustic Rioja
I know, I know...

...I just pimped one of Akutain's wines last week.  

But that was their Rosado, which is such a hyper-specific item that was only in its 2nd release.

But the day after that offer went out, I had the chance to taste the outrageously good new releases of their Reserva 2017 and Gran Reserva 2015 reds...

...and then I realized that I couldn't not offer these out, too.

In the offer for the Rosado, I said that their reds were 'classic & correct in every way, but they have a flowing depth of soul that even the most famous names in traditional Rioja would envy.'

I'm quoting myself...I know, I know...

...but the reason I'm doing that is because it really does some up today's two wines - elegant, deeply complex and soulful to the max.

In the incredibly challenging 2017 vintage, Akutain lost nearly 70% of their harvest.  The only grapes that survived were Tempranillo from the Gembres vineyard, and the only wine that was produced was this drop-dead gorgeous Reserva.  Dark, classic, muscular and incredibly complex out of the gate, it's gonna be really hard to keep your hands off it, but, should you be able to, you'll only be rewarded!  This is one of the pound-for-pound finest wines that Akutain has produced.  Get some while you can!

Then we have the lights-out-for-eternity Gran Reserva from the legendary 2015 vintage, and I really do mean lights-out-for-eternity on this one.  If the 2017 Reserva was the best pound-for-pound wine that I've had from Akutain, this glorious 2016 GR is the best wine I've none.

Take that haunting depth of soft earth and minerals, intensify it, wind it up a bit tighter, give it a bit firmer of a backbone and make it even more ethereal and have an ability to age even longer, and that's the 2015 GR.

It's so damned good and so...


...that it'll leave you with a quiet mind as you ponder the lasting finish...

...and how good it's going to be in another 5-10 years...

...and maybe other deep questions...

(The purple prose...I know...I know...)

Rioja Riserva 2017
Rioja Gran Reserva 2015

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