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Refreshing Wines, Because August
The August temps are here and the city is mostly empty.  

They call these the 'Dog Days'...

...but, alas, as dog-y as they are, we still need refreshing wine to get through them...

...and that's what these four wines (two pinks, two reds) are - refreshing beyond belief, and the kinds of wines that I can't keep my hands off of lately.


ROMAIN CHAMIOT Savoie Mondeuse 2020
Chamiot's Mondeuse is a wonderful example of what makes reds from this mountain region so unique and compelling, This insanely delicious red is solidly light/mid-weight, delicately floral and deeply earthy, with a subtle spice and a beautiful texture that's both soft and fresh at the same time.  With a chill, it goes down quick!

CARDEDU Astili 2019
The Astili has possibly become my favorite Summertime red...well, I guess I should say Summertime non-white as, after all, it is a co-ferment.  It's a blend of 50% Cannonau and 50% Bovale/Monica/Pascale from Cardedu's oldest and highest-altitude vineyard.  With bright red fruits, a steeply-pitched herbaceousness and a lively finish, it's one of the greatest 'chiller' reds (or non-whites) on the market!  

Schafer-Frölich Blanc de Noir Trocken 2021
Though Frölich considers this to be more 'Blanc de Noir' than rosé, it's still ever-so-delicately pink and I think of it as a rosé - a rosé of the most restrained, linear and driven Pinot Noir you'll encounter.  It's so insanely focused and mineral, that you'll find yourself pining for that electric acidity the moment you put your glass down.

Cuilleron Rosé de Saignée Sybel 2021
Yves Cuilleron's Sybel Rosé, made entirely of Syrah, is structured, spicy and beautifully textured.  When you need a pinkie with a bit more heft, this is a wonderful option.  The deep berry fruits and savory minerality are perfect for when the grill is fired up, and it'll slide perfectly into the Fall months, as well...should it make it that far, of course.

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