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Raul Perez Gets Experimental...but not too... 

The wine world, just like food, music, art, etc. is full of experimentation and conceptual pursuits, some of which end up registering anywhere between 'fun/interesting' to 'unsuccessful' (to put it nicely).  

But then a lot of them end up and truly singular wines that, in addition to offering the intrigue of 'something new', are just flat out delicious.

In addition to setting benchmarks for what the reds and whites of Bierzo are capable of versus other more well-established regions, Raul Perez has also been 'expanding the spectrum' of what is possible.

The La del Vivo Bianco 2017, that he produces under the La Vizcaina de Vinos label, is a great example of this.  

While it's not the most adventurous he gets, it is a wine that both captures the essence of classic Galicia in its fine, focused, briny/minerality, but also tiptoes into the great, semi-oxidative unknown.

Here's what I mean...

The La del Vivo Blanco is made of Godello and Doña Blanca (roughly 90/10 respectively), no surprises there.

But, after harvest, 80% of the grapes get pressed and the juice ferments in 500 and 700 liter French barrels, where it then sits, untouched, for one year.

The other 20% ferments, on the skins, in anfora, where it too sits, untouched, for a year. BUT, the kicker is that these anfora also develop flor (the foamy yeast layer associated with oxidative wines like Sherry or Vin Jaune).

The two components are then blended and bottled, and the end result is a wine that is mostly taut, structured and mineral - quite reminiscent of a classic Chablis.  But, because of the 20% anfora/oxidative/skins element, there are very cool exotic/nutty/savory nuances and textures lurking all over the place, as well.

The combination of the two is really quite fabulous.

This is a wonderful, unique and intriguing glass of white wine that peeks into new realms of winemaking, without barreling head first into them.

I'm very excited to have it on the shelf...

...however long that lasts...

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