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A Cali Rosé Benchmark - Arnot-Roberts
The Arnot-Roberts winery has done a lot of things over the last 20+ years.

They were trailblazers in boutique California wine, at the height of the luxury 'Points & Subscriptions' era.

They were one of the first of the flock of 'New California' producers who are now so influential.

They have always been meticulous, uncompromising winemakers, focusing on single terroirs and sense of place above all.

They're also largely responsible for the rejuvenation of discarded varietals and forgotten vineyards in off-the-path AVAs.

So, yeah, they've got a lot to be celebrated for...

The thing they get some credit for, but IMO perhaps not nearly enough, though, is their California Rosé.

It's the perfect marriage of everything I mentioned above - a boutique/terroir-driven approach, using super-cool, non-standard grapes, crafted into a fabulous wine of uncompromising standards, with a decidedly 'New Cali' disposition that doesn't alienate a traditional rosé drinker.

All that, for $27/btl.

Made of Touriga Nacional 71%, Trincadeira 15%, Grenache 11% & Tinto Cao 3%, from four different organically-farmed sites, it's fresh, herbaceous, mineral and subtly complex, with a touch of extra texture to compliment its focus and it's unique fruit profile.

It's classic enough to satisfy a traditional Provence fan, and unique enough to make any wine geek smile.

It's also the only drop of it we get this know...

California Rosé 2023

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