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Quintarelli's 2008 Valpolicella








Really, what more is there to say about Quintarelli?

Everyone remembers their first experience with a bottle sporting a green or tan or beige label with the distinctive handwriting on it.  The dark, dense fruit, the savory herbal notes, the seamless, raisin-y finish -- they're so loaded with flavor, yet so balanced and nuanced.

To say that this is the benchmark for Valpo, while the absolute truth, doesn't quite hammer home just how stunning it truly is.

But I'll say it anyway...Valpolicella doesn't get any better and there are few experiences in wine as singular as this.

Today I'm happy to offer the newest vintage of the Valpolicella, the pristine, highly-aromatic 2008.

These are coming direct from the estate and will arrive in Sept/Oct.

Quantities are decent on the 750s, but the mags are very limited.

Pricing is market-best.


NET pricing, no further discount

Matt Franco

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