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Pure, Ethereal, Drinking Now: Three Gorgeous 2014s from Felettig


Delicious, Elegant Red Burgundy...


...from a gorgeous vintage, marked by a pristine, ethereal, highly aromatic profile...


...from a producer whose wines are sublime in their supple, red fruit-driven purity... a great price...




...the offer is done, I guess, right?


No, I'm serious...all the ellipses aside, what else is there to say after that intro? 


After all, delicious wine at a great price from a region that's not exactly known for value these days should be an attention grabber. 


I should also note that these aren't wines from the far-flung 'outer borough' of the Cote d'Or (as much as I do like to pimp those kinds of wines), but we're talking about three of the most important wine villages anywhere on earth - Chambolle, Vosne and Morey. 


So, here's the back story - I've been hovering around the wines of Gilbert et Christine Felettig for what seems like a decade now.  I've always been very compelled by their pure, supple, red fruit-driven style, but the prices for them in the NY market were just too high compared to other states, which, for me, made them very hard to work with. 


Until today...


Just the other day, I came across a list of their wines at very fair pricing indeed, and I plan on running as many of them out the door as I possibly can. 


This is what you live for as a wine merchant - a big stock wines that you're excited about, and that you can sell to your people at a good price. 


And it's something that you don't encounter very much anymore...


I do plan on making this a multi-stage offer, so there will be more newsletters coming later for the 1ers Crus and for other vintages, but I wanted to start with these three pristine, delicate, high-toned wines from the positively lovely 2014 vintage, all of which are delicious right now, but are probably 2-3 years from hitting their full stride.


Below you'll see me use words like 'masculine' or 'structured' or 'brawny', but I only do so to describe the differences between the three.  All three of these wines are airy, ethereal and highly-aromatic. 


If you're like me, that's music to your ears.




The 2014 Morey Saint Denis Vieilles Vignes is the intellectual 'man of few words' of this trio.  It's classic Morey in its super focused, mineral driven structure and finely-detailed aromatic precision.  The fruit here is, for me, the darkest of the three, and, in terms of nuance, it shows the most savoriness, as well.  Don't let the 'intellect' fool you, though, beneath this wine's elegant, refined personality the wilder nature of Morey lurks, albeit subtly. 


The 2014 Vosne Romanée, with its seductive red-fruits and exotic, spicy nuance is textbook Vosne.  If the Morey is the disciplined intellectual, this Vosne, with its alluring but complex profile is, perhaps, the mischievously sexy one.  Yes, there's plenty to enjoy at first glance, but the deeper you dig, the more complexity there is to discover.  It's probably offering the most of the three at the moment, but, like the others, still has more to show with another few years in the bottle. 


Finally, we have the Chambolle Musigny Vieilles Vignes 2014, which may be the most complete wine of the trio.  If the MSD is the reserved academic, and the Vosne is the rock star, the Chambolle, I suppose, would be the well-rounded gentleman.  It's charismatic and chic, but you soon learn that, under all of that charm lies a deeper, rugged wisdom.  Heading into the lineup, I would have guessed that the Chambolle would have been the most elegant (and it certainly is elegant), but there's a nice touch of brawn at the core of this otherwise graceful wine that keeps you on your feet. 


Yeesh, remember when I intimated that I didn't need to say much in this offer? 


Anyway, at $51, $69 and $57  respectively, you can't go wrong with any one of them...


...but, really, why not get all three? 


Even better, get all three and casually enjoy them side by side, over the course of an afternoon/evening, leading up to a simple, comforting, no-fuss roast chicken dinner. 


And it's okay if you don't finish every last drop because there are bigger things to worry about right now...


...but worry about them after you take a few hours to revel in three of the most famous appellations in history. 


I need to go buy a chicken...



Morey Saint Denis Vieilles Vignes 2014

Vosne Romanée 2014 

Chambolle Musigny Vieilles Vignes 2014



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