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Principiano's Hyper-Fragrant 2016 Barolo Serralunga


I've written about Ferdinando Principiano multiple times in the past couple of years and, today, with the arrival of his new, gorgeous 2016 Barolo Serralunga, I'm doing it again.


Principiano's Serralunga is always a staunchly-traditional, refined, aromatic expression of Barolo, but, in 2016, it takes these  descriptors to a whole new level. 


I suppose that that shouldn't come as a surprise, given both Principiano's style and the classic, aromatic, focused nature of the 2016 vintage, but, I have to admit that, despite how much I was anticipating such elegance and clarity, I was still 'surprised' at just how ethereally beautiful it was. 


Of all of the things that make people swoon over Nebbiolo, its ability to be so perfume-y is one of the most striking, especially when all you hear about is how 'powerful' or 'tannic' it can be, as well. 


The 'Paradox of Barolo', as is sometimes said...


But, one sip of this gorgeous, dark, lithe, hyper-fragrant Barolo, and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. 


In fact, I'd say that this might even be an example of 'The Paradox of Barolo', but just in reverse...


...for while I'm using words like 'elegant' and 'fragrant', etc., once you let all those super-fine textures and flavors dance across your tongue, you'll actually find that the seemingly delicate finish is actually quite tightly knit, and that most of this wine's complexity is still locked firmly inside. 


So, while it'll certainly never be a 'power wine', there is plenty of wisdom-gaining life for this wine to live, which should nicely illustrate how 'lack of power' doesn't equate to 'lack of longevity'. 


Just for good measure, I also have some of Principiano's outrageously good (and tiny-production) Langhe Rosso 2017 arriving next week.  This blend of Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto is dark, fresh, lively, complex and flat-out delicious.  It's easily becoming one of my all-time favorites in the 'Value Piedmont' category. 


The great, savory complexity and racy acidity make it a perfect candidate for a slight chill this time of year, too. 


Principiano is a producer who I firmly believe sits near the top of the list of the 'Next Wave' of sought-after Barolo traditionalists, not only for the quality, but for his utterly unique expression, as well.


And, as I'm sure you've all come to realize every time you see my face in your inbox...I have a thing for 'Unique Expressions'...


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