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Principiano is On Fire
Ferdinando Principiano is making some of the most incredible wines in Piedmont right now.

I can't really say it any other way...well...other than to say that you can mark my words that it's only a matter of time until his brilliance hits the radar of the 'cognoscenti', and…


While utilizing ultra-traditional techniques, and producing wines of intrigue and longevity, he's also able to achieve an almost impossibly elegant style of Barolo - one with an aromatic explosiveness that is almost impossible to express in words.

Just think of some kind of hybrid creature that's half Nebbiolo and half a bouquet of flowers and you'll be in the ballpark.

That's not all, though...his brilliance doesn't just stem from his Baroli.  In many ways, it's his 'lesser' wines that often grab me just as much.

The regular Langhe Rosso 2017 is your classic blend of the big three - Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto and, with another year under its belt since we last had it, is just about firing on all cylinders right now.  The aromatics are popping and the textural complexity is really starting to hit full stride.  It's another example of textbook Langhe deliciousness, only with a bit more maturity to it.  

One the other hand, the Langhe Rosso 2020 is made entirely of the nearly-extinct local varietal known as Slarina.  Picture a high-acid, super floral, light, delicate and slightly herbaceous, screamingly-focused  version of Nebbiolo...if that makes sense...

Even if it doesn't make sense, you should know that this totally unique wine is totally delicious...and totally worth your consideration.  The way it races across the palate is really something to behold.

Then we have what was, for me, the most intriguing wine of the lineup last week when I tasted them - the Langhe Bianco 2020, made entirely of Timorasso.  For those of you not familiar with Timorasso, this is arguably Italy's most ageworthy and ascendant white varietal.  For those of you who are - think Walter Massa's brilliant richness and wooly complexity, but with and unbelievable vein of edgy, nervous acidity streaking through its middle.  It is, in just about every way, what I always wished someone would do with Timorasso...and now my wish has come true...

Finally, there's the 2018 Barolo Serralunga - A gloriously perfumed and elegant Barolo that  is absolutely one of the finest young 2018s I've tried.  And, while it's still very young and taut, the pristine clarity of the nose and the utter elegance on the palate is a textbook example of why we love Principiano's style, and teases at just how much there is to look forward to.   

Let me say it again - Principiano is quietly sneaking his way into the upper echelon of classic, old-school Barolo, but I can't believe that his handiwork will fly under the radar much longer.

Get his wines while you can!

Langhe Bianco Timorasso 2020
Langhe Rosso 2017
Langhe Rosso Slarina 2020
Barolo Serralunga 2018

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