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Prime Time Riesling
Stein is one of my favorite producers of Riesling...maybe my absolute favorite.

Now, I'm certainly not alone in that sentiment, and Riesling geeks will be 'no duhhhh-ing' me.  

But, seriously though...

Stein was one of the first Rieslings I ever stocked was actually the first or second video I ever made way back when I was still sending this newsletter via a blog service.

But anyway, right now I've got two Steins from the quirky 2022 vintage that are 100% delicious and 100% Prime Time for your Thanksgiving table.

Ulli Stein is one of the most committed, passionate and charismatic people in put it mildly.

While the outsized character of a given winemaker can sometimes outweigh the final product's quality, that is most certainly NOT the case with Stein.

I'd venture to guess that, especially 10-15 years ago when they weren't as universally admired, most people tasted and fell in love with his wines well before they fell in love with him.

His outsized passion and commitment to doing things the hard (right) way absolutely manifests itself in his wines.  He loves driven, focused, screamingly fast expressions of Riesling, and, as you'll see below, even his off-dry wines are palate electrifying.  

Anyone who says they 'don't like Riesling' needs to drink some Stein and then realize they actually love Riesling.

Trust me.

So, today we have two lovely wines from the 2022 vintage.

The first, is the trocken (dry) of the two - the Riesling Kabinett Trocken Palmberg.

Speaking of 'driven, focused, screamingly fast expressions of Riesling'.  The 2022 is just that: ruthlessly, mineral, fresh and chiseled, with a spectrum of classic fruit notes intertwined with fabulous herbaceousness.

Then we have the Riesling Kabinett Feinherb Himmelreich, which, though a feinherb, is still a classic Stein in its linear, pulsating electricity.  It's floral, chiseled & mineral, with finely detailed nuance, all of which is balanced by the slight uptick in both texture and brightness brought on by the kiss of RS.

Like all of the wines that were part of my tiny, early inventory back when I first opened, drinking a Stein is always a little nostalgic for me.

I look forward to a bit of nostalgia this Thanksgiving when I crack these two beauties...

Riesling Trocken Kabinett Palmberg 2022
Riesling Kabinett Feinherb Himmelreich 2022

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