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Podere Le Boncie: The Free Spirit of Chianti


Podere Le Boncie's Le Trame Rosso (previously Chianti Classico) has, over the last, say, 8 years or so, joined the ranks of some of the most revered wines in the region.


Even though they're indeed quite different wines, nearly all of my longtime Pergole Torte buyers are now regulars for Le Trame, which I suppose says a lot. 


Where Pergole is a broader, more muscular wine, the Trame is all about the fragrant, elegant and refined nuance that old-school Chianti is capable of...with that classic, taut backbone of fine Sangiovese tannin, of course. 


Graceful and sophisticated, if a bit evasive at the outset...


...normally, that is. 


This wonderful 2017 perfectly illustrates how a classic Chianti can be generous and friendly while still being classy and restrained at the same time. 


In other words, you're getting all of the elusive beauty, but you don't have to wait 2-3 years for it to emerge from its shell. 


That's, of course, not to say that this wine doesn't have the backbone to age beautifully, but, where the 2016 was all tight-lipped, the 2017 offers a lot more from the get go. 


The bright, colorful and highly aromatic Sangiovese fruit is packed with energy and texture, while the rustic iron-y/leathery nuance you expect dances below the surface.  The fresh acidity animates it even further. 


The entire package is suspended on a firm, but supple frame that holds it all together perfectly. 


Sophisticated, classy...but with a free-spirited side...there's really not a lot more you can ask for from a wine that will set you back less than $50. 


Get it now, because this is it until next year...


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