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Piedmont Saturday


Our current selection from Piedmont.




Francesco Boschis Dolcetto di Dogliani Vigna del Prey 2015 $19/btl

A rich, complex and lively Dolcetto. Beautiful bottle of wine from a great producer and at this price, highly worthy of a case order.





Ferrando Carema Ettichetta Bianca 2015 $69/btl (net, REG $79)

Arguably, the 'flagship' wine for the entire appellation, Ferrando's 'White Label' Carema has gone from readily available insider gem to allocated favorite while remaining one of the world's great expressions of Nebbiolo.  This 2015, while slightly more robust and generous, is still soft, delicate, flowery, airy and near-perfectly balanced.  A classic. 


Il Sorpasso Carema 2016 $60/btl

Fresh, lively and herb-inflected beauty of a Nebbiolo.  Its backbone is a bit firmer and more apparent than the Ferrando Bianca and on the whole, it's wound up a bit tighter, but it expresses the gentle elegance of Carema wonderfully. 


Cantalupo Ghemme Collis Breclemae 2011 $53/btl (6 bottles available)

Cantalupo Ghemme Collis Breclemae 2006 $53/btl (2 bottles available)

Two stunningly good bottles of Nebbiolo from Cantalupo with some age on them that are drinking wonderfully right now and will continue to evolve for a very long time. Only a few bottles of each left. Grab them now.



Cavallotto Barolo Bricco Boschis 2015 $65/btl (net, REG $75)

Dark, muscular, very firmly structured Barolo from one of our all-time favorite producers with an undeniable elegance and balance that shines through even in a warm vintage. Plenty of aromatic precision and clarity buried inside the dark, dense fruit and structure here. Another brilliant wine from Cavallotto that will benefit from a long slumber.


Cascina Chicco Barolo Rocche di Castelletto 2015 $61/btl (net, REG $69)

Youthfully racy and high-toned (calling Alto Piemonte to mind) but will continue to evolve into a classic, weightier style while still retaining some nice agility.  This is certainly broader and endowed with a bigger frame from the 2015 vintage, but it's still a fragrant, high-flying race car of a wine, begging to be enjoyed by those of you who love the flowery side of Barolo. 


Chionetti Barolo Primo 2015 $89/btl (net, REG $99)

The very first release of Barolo from Chionetti, for years a benchmark producer of Dolcetto di Dogliani, churning out gem after ageworthy gem from Piedmont's 'third' grape. This 2015 'Primo' is a gorgeous, focused, mineral Barolo that is super coiled up around its impressively firm, tree-trunk of a backbone.  There's so much to love about the texture and disposition of this wine but, especially on the nose, the hints of what's to come are what's truly enticing.  The profile is decidedly perfumed, but the structure here leads one to believe that, as this wine loosens up, it'll put on plenty of weight as well.


Bovio Barolo Vigna Arborina 2015 $58/btl

Floral, aromatic brightness up top but with a structure and length on the back end that promises a long and enticing evolution. Bovio's signature elegance and lift does particularly well in a warmer, brawnier vintage like '15 that allows it to take on some extra weight and depth while still retaining that beguiling energy.


Bovio Barolo Vigna Gattera 2015 $59/btl

The Gattera, like the Arborina, beautifully expresses the Bovio elegance and lift but with the Gattera being the more tarry and muscular of the two, these qualities are escalated in a vintage like '15 and each drop is imbued with the promise of a truly great Barolo that has a highly exciting and long life ahead.



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