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I wanted that to be as large as I could make it so that you didn't miss it.

THE most sought-after, asked-after and remorsed-after (as in 'I should've bought more while it was here) Rosé is landing.  

Yes, it's come to this -- Rosé in a buy-now-or-forever-hold-your-empty-glass offer.  

Commanderie de Peyrassol, in the Cotes de Provence, is the producer of the most elegant, pale, delicate and yet astoundingly complex Rosés that we sell.

Their balance and aristocratic restraint are a cut above and are truly a taste to behold.

The 'Commanderie' bottling, with its friendly pink fruits and gentle spice is the perfect value.

The 'Chateau' bottling, with its striking bottle and delicate, tightly-packed nuances is the regal standard-bearer.

And, new this year, the 'Le Clos Peyrassol' bottling, made almost entirely of the Tibouren grape (small amounts of Grenache and Rolle round out the blend), is the structured, vin de garde of the lineup.

It first appeared in 2009, and is being released to the US for the first time.  It's produced only in the best years, and in much smaller quantities (only about 10k bottles).

While still retaining the stunning Peyrassol elegance and subtle herbaceousness, the Tibouren here yields a firmer wine, one that will age in your cellar and develop all manner of savory, oily nuance while doing to.  So while you anxiously await the arrivals of the Commanderie and Chateau next year, you can have a fully developed case of Le Clos in your stash.

(Would that we could all be in such a situation.)

That is, of course, provided you can resist drinking it this year.

I was told that I received the largest allocation in the US which means, by extension, we have the largest in the world for Le Clos Peyrassol.

Not bad for a little four-person operation in the West Village.

Do it!


Commanderie de Peyrassol Rosé  $19/btl
Chateau Peyrassol Rosé                   $25/btl
Le Clos Peyrassol Rosé                     $38/btl

All wines discount on the case (mixed or solid). 

MIXED SIX-PACK (2 of each) $164
MIXED CASE (4 of each with 10% disc) $295.20


Matt Franco