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Petilia Fiano - Holy Smoke!


Many times over the years, I've implored you all to trust me and lay down a few bottles of Fiano in your cellars, to see just how amazingly they develop with a few years age.


It's a leap of faith, I know.  


You had to take my word for it...


...well, you did...


...but now you don't have to take my word. 


You just have to take a bottle of today's wine home and open it...


...and upon your first whiff of its intensely smoky, spicy and cheesy nose, you'll know that I was onto something. 


Then you'll dive in with a sip and your mind will be blown how a wine that, when young, was so sprightly and fresh, is now so textured, so spicy, so mineral, so amazingly smoky, so eloquent about its volcanic upbringing. 


Petilia makes a range of delicious Campanian wines, and this, their Fiano di Avellino 'APE' 2017 is quite a serious example of the grape, and it's exactly where you want it to be right now.


Everything that I love about Fiano is on full display, at the height of its expressiveness, and to top it all off, I've got really special pricing on it. 


So, yeah, grab a bottle of this...make yourself some fresh fish, or a light, spicy pasta or even just grab some pizza and melt into the true spirit of Vesuvian Italy. 


When I get geek-animated about what makes Campanian wines so special...this is exactly the kind of white I have in mind...


PETILIA Fiano di Avellino APE 2017


You may order by emailing or calling 212.255.8870.


Matt Franco

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