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Patrick Piuze 2019


You can't beat the classics... 


Even though something like classic Chablis is hardly cutting-edge or a hidden treasure these days, it's a classic for a reason. 


I offer and sell plenty of wines from 'classic' regions and appellations all the time, but I do tend to focus more obscure/emerging-gem type stuff, especially in the newsletter, so I'll admit that I'm sometimes caught off-guard by just how well an offer for something like Chablis usually does. 


(So now you all need to please make sure that I'm reminded, yet again, that everyone loves Chablis by blowing this offer up...)  


When it comes to well-made Chablis (like today's lineup), in addition to being fabulously-drinkable young, and gorgeous when mature, it's also, all things considered, still quite affordable. 


Never a bad combo to have going for you, eh? 


So, here we go with the 2019s from a guy who, for the last decade or so, has been among the region's hottest and most widely adored producers - Patrick Piuze. 


While his 1ers and Grands Crus have, perhaps, yet to really find themselves in the realm of 'Collector Must-Haves', one of the reasons for Piuze's tremendous popularity is his 'Terroir' lineup of village-level, site-specific wines that are dedicated to expressing plots that lay outside the Cru system. 


Every time we have them on our shelves, they sell quickly and people keep coming back.  


So, since I value the wine-happiness of each and every one of you so much, here we are with a nice offering for some of Piuze's 2019s. 


As a warm, dry vintage, with sometimes dramatically-reduced yields, 2019 certainly presented plenty of challenges in the region, but the end result were fantastic wines that, while richer and more textured than a more classic year like, say 2014, still express the mineral focus and balance you expect from great Chablis. 


The three 'Terroir' wines in today's offer - Chablis, Fye and Chichée - each offer a wonderful, if slightly different expression to drink over the next year or so. 


The Terroir de Chablis is typically the 'centrist' in the lineup in how it balances each of the 'Chablis' elements (taut/rich/mineral/floral/etc.), and that's certainly the case here. 


The Chichée offers a slightly more tropical profile, but with wonderful savory/mineral undertones. 


The Fye, with its floral elegance, offers a nice counterpoint to the other two.  


I also have little bits left of the 1ers Crus Butteaux, Forêts and Montée de Tonnerre and the Grand Cru Bougros Cote de Bouqueyraux, for those of you with patience. 


You can't beat the classics...


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