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Oxidative Wines Love Thanksgiving
A couple of Thanksgivings ago, rather than making my usual turkey pot pie with the leftovers, I went rogue and riffed up a leftover shepherd's pie-style skillet bake.

It started with some diced bacon and onions in the skillet.  Then all the yummy meat pulled from the carcass and some of the stock from the bones until I had a nice gravy-soaked meat base. 

On top of that, went your standard peas and carrots.

Then on went the sausage and mushroom stuffing.

I then topped if off with the mashed potatoes, and sealed it all with a layer of shredded Comté, which crusted up beautifully in the oven.

Here's the kicker, though - added to the meat base, and used to reconstitute the mash was...


The sherry that had gone so gorgeously with the Thanksgiving meal the day before, was also the secret weapon of that Friday's skillet pie.

Just in case you were wondering - yes, I will never not do this with the leftovers going forward.  It was lights out delicious...probably better than the meal itself.

So, yeah...I think you get where I'm NEED oxidative wines at least I think you do...

...which is why I'm so excited that these three brilliant wines just arrived!

Sanlúcar native, Ramiro Ibáñez, has made it his mission to express the terroir of Jerez through his set of unfortified, single-pago wines under the Cota 45 label...and man, is he succeeding.  For those of you who might not like full-on oxidation, these have your name all over them.  These are my two favorites from his most recent releases, and if there's any left, one or both of them will absolutely be on my Thanksgiving table!

With an invigorating, fresh and aromatic profile and just a kiss of savory, salty nuttiness on the finish, the 2021 Miraflores is, in many ways, the perfect Thanksgiving white wine.  The 2021 Paganilla, on the other hand, takes that same lovely freshness and dials up the texture and the oxidative qualities, while also introducing a bit more of an exotic floral/fruit element.  Both are spectacular!

UBE Miraflores 2021 750ml
UBE Miraflores 2021 1.5L

UBE Paganilla 2021 750ml
UBE Paganilla 2021 1.5L

The Valdespino house is legendary in Jerez, and their Fino Ynocente is a standard anywhere that Sherry is served.  This is a special release in magnum of their storied Single Vineyard Macharnudo Alto from Spring of 2022, and it's amazing.  Focused, salty, savory, mineral and bone-dry, it's En Rama Fino at its finest.  Only 672 magnums bottled!!

Ynocente Macharnudo Alto Special Selection Spring 2022 1.5L

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