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Ovum's Hell for Leather -
The Craziest, but Most Perfect Wine for Thanksgiving
This one is a little crazy.

Crazy in that it's a crazy idea. 

Crazy in that it's in a crazy bottle.

Most importantly - crazy in that it's crazy delicious.

I've been working with the wines of Ovum since the first year this shop existed.

They've always done amazing stuff, and over the years, they've shown more of a desire to push the envelope.

Now, let me be clear, when I use the word 'crazy' I mean it in the most complimentary way possible.  Much like some of the winemakers in the Styria whose wines they're clearly emulating with the ceramic bottle, through their 'Rare Form' line, they've embraced their inner mad scientist.

Let me set the background a bit - they make a wine called Old Love, which is inspired by the way Austrian wines were made in the 1800s.  It's made of Riesling with varying levels of ripeness/acidity/fruitiness that are fermented together, but then aged in different vessels with the idea of bringing out every strength of the wine in perfect balance.

Today's wine, the Rare Form Hell for Leather 2020 is made of 50% of that same juice that goes into the Old Love and then 50% of fruit from all over Oregon that's Beerenauslese-level ripeness.

The result is a wine that's Riesling on a Wagnerian level - every flavor, every aroma, every texture (and every emotion) is dialed in for maximum effect.

It's flowery.

It's oily.

It's mineral.

It's fruity.

It's honeyed.

It's waxy.

It's savory.

It's petrol-y.

It's Riesling turned to 11...but in a way that's actually really enjoyable to listen to.

While every element is maximized, the wine is, somewhat paradoxically, still wonderfully balanced and has a sense of elegance to it that kinda just makes you smile.

Considering how the Thanksgiving table, too, is an example of maxing out every flavor, but also requires a wine that can dance with every partner, the Hell for Leather seems to me like the perfect companion.

Go crazy folks...

Rare Form Hell for Leather 2020

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