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One of My Favorite Whites...Period


Raul Perez is a brilliant winemaker.


He makes many brilliant wines.


In my opinion, his most brilliant wine in his lineup of brilliant wines is this brilliant white called La del Vivo. 


It's brilliant. 


(okay you can punch me now for saying brilliant so many times)


But in all seriousness, it's not just the taste that's brilliant, but the way it's made...which kind of epitomizes Raul's experimental streak that also stays grounded in tradition. 


This gorgeous white is a blend of Godello and Doña Blanca, and 80% of these grapes are pressed and fermented in a combo of used 500 and 700 liter French barrels, where the wine remains totally untouched for a full year. 


The other 20% are fermented on the skins in anfora and also remain untouched for a year. 


They're then combined to make this wine...


...this wildly expressive, mineral, nutty, earthy, (paradoxically) somewhat tropical, slightly cheesy and beautifully textured wine.


You'd think the skin contact/anfora portion would endow it with more flashy, fruity elements, but, somehow, that's not what happens. 


If anything, it takes a bracing, focused, intensely mineral wine and makes it taste like it's already 7-10 years old. 


Like an old Chablis...


....but with a Galician accent. 


Honestly, it's one of those wines that, each time a new vintage arrives, I'm almost worried that it won't be as good as I remember...


...but it always is. 


And this might be the best version yet???


Either way, it remains one of my favorite white wines on the market...




LA VIZCAINA (Raul Perez)

Bierzo Blanco La del Vivo 2020 


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