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Old...and French...and Cool (and also really Tasty)...
Being that it's 16 years old at this point, I think you can say today's wine is 'old'...or at least 'mature'.

It's French, though from a part that's probably not top of mind when you think 'France'.

And in terms of overall feel, I think it's really 'cool'.

And it's definitely tasty.

'It' is the Chateau Montus' Madiran Cuvée Prestige from the 2002 vintage.

The appellation of Madiran in France's Southwest is the Tannat grape's home, and proprietor Alain Brumont is the visionary responsible for recognizing the potential of the appellation.

And Cuvée Prestige is is certainly Brumont's (and Madiran's) most noteworthy wine.  

But you know me, I'd rather talk about the taste more than anything else, and I've tasted the taste here, and the taste is good.

It's truly one of the more unique profiles in French wine, with a deep, dark fruit, tons of brambly/herbaceous/spicy notes and a whole host of other smoky, meaty, tobacco-y elements lurking within.

And perhaps it's no coincidence that tannat and tannic are somewhat similar words, as the backbone this wine shows (even/especially at age 16) is still quite pronounced.

This is a beast of a wine, for sure, but it's also a wine that communicates its home and heritage in a clear and somehow refined way.  

I supposed that kind of makes it a gentleman beast in fine clothing.

If grilling season ever arrives, you'll be happy to have this gentleman beast at your table...

Matt Franco

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