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October's Greatest Hits
October is perhaps the greatest of all wine-drinking months, the period where we transition from the nimble and less serious wines of summer back into the structured but energetic wines that complement the flavors of Fall. Of course November and December are no slouches either and with that in mind, I am giving you another opportunity here to stock up on those lovely October wines for the holiday months ahead by revisiting October's Greatest Hits. In the "A Side," you'll find 4 reds that serve as excellent Fall-into-Winter options (including a great Thanksgiving bottle!). And in the "B Side" you'll find Cavallotto, which I would simply be remiss in not including in an October's Greatest Hits email or any Greatest Hits email while still available, as the Riserva '13s from Cavallotto are destined to be all-time great wines.

A Side

Domaine de Ferrand Chateauneuf du Pape 2017 $49/bottle (REG $56, order by 12 PM on 10/31 for special pricing)
Floral, dark-fruited, smoky and herbaceous showstopper of a Chateauneuf du Pape from Domaine de Ferrand. 2017 was yet another excellent vintage in the Southern Rhone and Ferrand has delivered once again with a textured, elegant and energetic gem. It is spicy and deliciously opulent right now but will also offer many more years of enjoyment as its fine tannins continue to slowly integrate. This is 'best in vintage' quality at an unbeatable price. As noted, the pricing on this wine goes up November 1 so these are available for just 24 more hours at $49/bottle.

Fabulae Aglianico del Taburno 'Must' 2015 $29
Another homerun from Fabulae, Stefano Cominale's wine project that offers a range of super-traditional, authentic and organic Campanian wines at fair prices. The Aglianico del Taburno 'Must' is easily the most serious wine that Stefano's procured to date. This is a densely mineral, wild, volcanic-to-the-core wine. Its tannic structure is more than carried by the dark fruit and the smoky, spicy, feral notes bouncing around the palate on the way back to the gravelly finish. For the amount of quality you are getting here for the price, this is a wine to stock up on (especially at the case price) for your pizza, pasta and steak nights.

Podere Orto Lazio Rosso Trivium 2016 $49/btl
Podere Orto, in the Tuscia zone of Lazio, which lies within what is also referred to as the Trivium, where Lazio, Umbria and Tuscany intersect, produces wines made of some of the more obscure Italian varietals (Sangiovese notwithstanding, obviously) that you'll encounter. The Trivium Rosso 2016 is a truly fabulous and energetic blend of Sangiovese, Grecco Nero and Cilegiolo that features incredibly soft and textured dark, savory fruit, reminiscent of a Chianti with a country accent. A perfect Thanksgiving wine for those thinking a few weeks ahead!

Diego Conterno Barolo 2014 $38
We offered a full range of Diego Conterno earlier this month on the heels of a dinner we held at Il Buco Alimentari featuring these wines and the energetic, perfumed 2014 Barolo proved to be the favorite in terms of pound-for-pound value. One whiff of this vivid wine reveals why it played so well. Pure and bright Barolo character wrapped around a classic, restrained structure that is littered with subtle but deep nuance and complexity at only $38/bottle, which is pretty much at or near the floor for what you will pay for a serious Barolo.

B Side

Barolo Riserva Vignolo 2013 $129/btl (net, REG $148)
Barolo Riserva Vigna San Giuseppe 2013 $156/btl (net, REG $177)
Barolo Riserva Vigna San Giuseppe 2013 1.5L $338/magnum (net, 10 mags available)
Super intense structure abounds in the 2013 Riservas from Cavallotto, along with the usual dark, meaty, mineral-packed fruit to balance out all that backbone. These are tightly wound young Barolos from a classic vintage that will richly reward an extended slumber, with the Vigna San Giuseppe edging out the Vignolo for the title of "most impervious" at the moment. These wines feature coiled, strapping tannins that will allow for many years of evolution and, when they do reach their apex, they're going to be unbelievably balanced, aromatically refined and showing all kinds of nuance. In due time, these wines will take their place among the all-time greats. Get them now while you still can.

10% Case discounts apply to all non-Cavallotto bottles. Mix and match however you please.

"A Side" Case (3 of each, w/10% discount) $445.50

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