MCF Rare Wine

NOUVEAU 2017 ARRIVAL (And Tasting)

Terres Dorees (Jean Paul Brun).


The only Nouveau that I've ever TRULY liked and thus the only Nouveau that I've ever stocked.


No banana-flavored yeasts, no crazy better-living-through-chemistry type techniques in the cellar.

No bubble gum flavored, headache-guaranteed nonsense.

Both of these are just honest wine.

Perfect to celebrate the harvest.

Perfect for Thanksgiving (which I guess is also just celebrating the harvest).

Perfectly delicious to just drink.

The Chermette 'Primeur' is a red-fruited/earthy little gem.

The Chermette 'Primeur' VV (offered in super-awesome magnums) is deeper, darker and more complex.

The Terres Dorees l'Ancien is a sturdy, Burgundian style wine that's loaded with savory spicy elements.

They're both legit wine and both are legitimately delicious...

...AND you can also come taste all three tomorrow evening from 5p-7p.

We'll have Ben from Weygandt Selections and Hadley from David Bowler pouring in house, so...take that Monday...

Terres Dorees Beaujolais Nouveau l’Ancien $15/btl
Chermette Beaujolais ‘Primeur’ $13/btl
Chermette Beaujolais ‘Primeur’ Vieilles Vignes 1.5L $34

NOUVEAU SIXER (3 of each 750ml) $84
NOUVEAU CASE (6 of each with 10% discount) $151.20

To order, please reply to this message or call 212.255.8870.

Matt Franco