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It's early Spring, so among the many great releases that happen this time of year, perhaps our biggest, signature release is here...

...and it just so happens to be probably (definitely) the most exciting one yet.

Not only do we have the what is, for me, the very finest vintage to date of his two monumental Taurasi, but we have the very first bottles of his micro-production white wine that have ever made it stateside.

And to top all of that off, we'll be hosting the NY premiere of sorts for them here in the shop on this coming Thursday night, 5-7pm!!!!

So you've got that going for you...

The release I'm talking about is, of course, Luigi Tecce - the producer who has been, without a doubt, the one I've most vociferously advocated for over the last 5-7 years... I hope the whole 'best vintage yet' thing won't be met with mental eye rolls, because it's really quite true.  The 2016 Taurasi Riserva Puro Sangue and Taurasi Riserva Poliphemo are the finest wines I've tasted from him.

If last year's 2015s were brawny beasts...these 2016s are brawny beasts who've learned to wear fine bespoke suits and speak with intellect and tact.

All of that structure and power are tamed into near perfect balance and, dare I say grace (?), making for the most insanely delicious versions of both wines that you could fathom.

As per usual, the clay rich volcanic soils of the Riserva Puro Sangue manifest themselves in more generosity of dark, mineral/smoke-packed fruit that carries the burly tannins on at its core.  It's so out -of-control delicious now, you might decide you don't even want to let it age...but, of course, you probably-definitely should.

On the other hand, the sandy, littered-with-rocks-blasted-from-Vesuvius soil where the Riserva Vecchio Vigne Poliphemo comes from just a few minutes' walk away endow the it with the chiseled, powerfully structured, animale character that you expect from this most profoundly imposing of wines.  The perception of elegance that the 2016 offers will certainly make it one of the most approachable young Polis to ever hit the market, advice would be to forget it as long as you can.

Then there's the newest addition to the lineup, Luigi's tribute to his late mother, the MAMAM Bianco 2020, a quirky, delicious blend of Fiano, Greco and a touch of Coda di Volpe.  It's got a wonderfully off-beat personality, and the beautiful savory fruit of the Fiano is focused by the edginess of the Greco, while the Coda gives a nice exotic element to the nose and finish.  Inside the textured profile, you can get hints at the complexity that's going to open up here over the next few years.  Once that happens you're going to have a true stunner on your hands.

Oh, and not to relegate it to the slot of 'also mentioned', because it's also gut-punchingly delicious and complex well beyond its price point, but the Satyricon Rosso 2020 is truly worth your attention, too...

...with so much smoky, stony, volcanic character to offer right out of the gate, it'll give you something to enjoy while you do your best to keep your hands off of the other wines...

...because you should do your best to keep your hands off of the other wines...

Bianco Mamam 2020
Campi Taurasini Satyricon 2020
Taurasi Riserva Puro Sangue 2016
Taurasi Riserva Poliphemo Vecchio Vigne 2016

***Do to the limited availability of these wines, please order by replying to this message or calling 212.255.8870.

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MCF Rare Wine, Ltd
249 West 13th Street NYC 10011

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