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New Releases from Elian Da Ros


Happy New Year!


The wines from one of our most-est favorite-est producers in all of France managed to sneak their way into the shop in the last couple of weeks of 2021. 


Now that things have calmed down here, I thought it was time I pointed out the fact that they did. 


After all, they're favorites for a whole bunch of you, as well. 


I've been a huge proponent of the wines of Elian Da Ros since the first time I tasted them. 


You can read all the times I've said so HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE.


For me, it's hard to not love this guy.  A native of the Marmandais area, Elian learned winemaking in Alsace at the famous Zind-Humbrecht estate, before returning to the land of tomatoes, and becoming the first producer to bottle estate wines from the appellation of Côtes du Marmandais. 


The other month, I did an offer for Auney l'Hermitage's Graves Cuvée Cana where I was broadly critical of the flashy, overly-manipulated wines that by and large come out of the region of Bordeaux.  Now, admittedly, it was perhaps unfair of me to single out Bordeaux for that, because a) that kind of 'strictly from commercial' stuff is produced in pretty much all regions of the wine world and, b) there are still plenty of wines from Bordeaux that, however less well-known they may be, are just like Auney l'Hermitage's in their commitment to authenticity and terroir, etc. 


In any case, the point of that was that, even though wines made from the 'Bordeaux Varietals' (Cab, Merlot, etc.) aren't typically what I'm longing for, when I do find myself longing for that flavor profile, a wine like Cuvée Cana is what I would reach for. 


That said, when it comes to wines that would scratch that itch, it's the wines from Elian Da Ros' that I REALLY want.  His brilliant use of Cab Franc, Merlot, Cab Sauv and Malbec in combination with grapes like Syrah and the truly unique native Abouriou, to fashion genuine, no-frills, no-makeup wines is well...brilliant. 


They present that sort of Bordeaux-ish feel, but with a much more down-to-earth, a much more real personality.  The Abouriou and Syrah, etc. only serve to to enhance their endearingly rustic sincerity. 


Whereas I would reach for certain types of Bordeaux only when I'm in the mood for them, when it comes to Elian's wines, I'm always excited to have them on the shelf and introduce people to them.  I'm always in the mood to drink them myself. 


So here they are, my three favorite wines he produces...ready to warm your January soul...



Le Vin est une Fête Côtes du Marmandais Rouge 2019

The 'Wine is a Party' is the everyday workhorse of the lineup, and is a blend of Abouriou 40%, Cab Franc 40% and Merlot 20%.  It's perfectly simple, and simply delicious - restrained, aromatic, herbaceous and dry - it's Bordeaux meets other words, it's charmingly Southwest. 


Vignoble d'Elian Côtes du Marmandais Rouge 2018 

As much as I love all of Elian's wines, I'm never shy about pointing out how the Vignoble is my pound-for-pound favorite.  It's 50% Cab Franc, 30% Merlot and 20% Syrah.  Deeper and darker than the Fête, its intensely mineral backbone is complimented nicely by the touch of spice from the Syrah. 


Clos Baquey Côtes du Marmandais Rouge 2017 

Elian's vin de garde, the Baquey is a robust, structured and fabulously complete wine comprised of 35% each Merlot and Cab Franc, and 15% each of Abouriou and Cabernet Sauvignon.  While the Vignoble may be my pound-for-pound favorite, having had many aged bottles of the Baquey over the years, I can tell you without a doubt that this is the true thoroughbred in his stable.  It's easily one of the best wines we sell in any given year. 


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