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New Releases from Baricci...Because I Love You that Much...
Let me say this part first - Francesco Buffi, Nello Baricci's grandson, representative of the next generation at Baricci and all-around awesome guy - will be here in the shop THIS COMING FRIDAY (4/14), pouring this 2018 Brunello di Montalcino.

So, we have that going for us...

But let's talk about these wines - because this is one heck of a release from Baricci, the first family of the famed Montosoli Cru.

First, we have the 2018 Brunello normale, which is gorgeously elegant, fragrant, subtly mineral and deceptively structured.  Where the extremely classic 2016 was very tightly wound, and the 2017 was a bit more forward, this 2018, with it's lovely approachability and elegant purity, sits perfectly in between the two.

In other's textbook Montosoli...

...textbook Baricci.

Then we have a true all timer in the 2016 Nello Riserva, one of the finest examples of Brunello that you'll encounter.  From this already legendary vintage, the 2016 Nello takes everything there is to love about the Baricci style, and puts it over the top in terms of singular quality and completeness.

It's perfectly balances power with elegance, structure with refinement, eloquence with reticence.  This is the kind of wine that not only has a transcendent flavor, but also a gravity to it that you feel in your soul.  It's a fitting tribute to the late Nello Baricci, and one that will age gracefully for deacdes.

Not only are these wines of ineffable beauty and precision, but they also speak to Baricci's vision and commitment to the style and spirit he so loved in Montalcino...

...and it brings me such joy to present them to all of you, because I love you all that much.


Brunello di Montalino 2018
Brunello di Montalcino Riserva Nello 2016

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