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Nervi's Noble Nebbiolo...Rosato...
In the Summer, Nebbiolo is usually pretty far from my mind.

Regular Nebbiolo, that is.

You know, that structured, powerful, infinitely profound grape, that can turn an autumnal meal into an exalted experience?

Sure, I've enjoyed plenty of Barolo in the Summer, and, sure, there are the higher-toned or lighter ones you can put a chill on and they do quite well, but the flavors and ambiance of Summer are, for me, usually calling for something else.  

There is, however, one Nebbiolo that's got that whole Summer vibe going strong, Nervi's Il Rosato.  Once upon a time, it was a really nice example of a pink Nebbiolo, and a highly thought of Italian rosé.  

Nowadays, though, it's one of our most popular rosés...period.  

And, even though it's fairly pale in color, it's not another Italian rosé that's trying to be Provençal.  

Underneath the refreshing pink fruit, mineral focus and electric acidity is a firm, earthy nuance that lets you know its heritage.  

A heritage worth sipping away an evening with...

(and, yes, that is last year's picture...long story...)

Il Rosato 2021

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