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Nervi Rosato!
The Nervi Conterno estate is a world class winery.

Their Gattinara are some of the finest wines produced in Italy.  

But, there's another 'finest' thing they do, as well...

...their Rosato of Nebbiolo.

It's racy.  It's steely.  It's mineral.  It's invigorating.

It's everything you want on a warm day, or a warm evening, and especially with anything you might be eating in such a setting.

There's something so lovely about the way Nebbiolo's fruit expresses itself in a lighter rosé setting like this that I've really come to adore, and Nervi's example is perhaps the one that does it the best...

...and since you're the best, I think you and Nervi Rosato should meet.

Nebbiolo Rosato 2022

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