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Nebbiolo, Two Ways


** First, a reminder that both of today's wines will be featured at tomorrow night's (5/6) in-store tasting with importer Jan d'Amore!




In all its iterations, a grape that elicits the greatest level of misty-eyed pontificating than perhaps any other, save maybe Pinot Noir.  


Today (two-day, if you will), we have a couple of highly-delicious and engaging iterations that receive next-to-no recognition in the grand scheme of all things Nebbiolo - one, a positively delightful sparkling, the other, arguably the best example from the lesser-known Canavese DOC that I’ve ever had.  


Guidobono is a gem of a producer that sits just outside of Monforte in the Langhe.  Their Barbera, Arneis and Langhe Nebbiolo have been regulars on my shelf, literally since I first opened the shop.  


Today, though, we’re approaching Nebbiolo from a whole new realm entirely, that of a crisp, clean, energetic, aromatic and rosy sparkling wine.  There are a handful of other producers who’re doing this with Nebbiolo, but I’m not sure many are quite as successful.  


This is just plain delicious, the perfect afternoon sipper, the perfect aperitif, the perfect accompaniment to salumi and cheese, the perfect post-meal palate cleanser... 


The point is that, at $31/btl it’s just pretty perfect…


Then we have a really lovely Canavese Rosso of 100% Nebbiolo from the Favaro estate, a small, but wonderful producer from Northern Piedmont, approaching the border with the Vallee d’Aoste.  Their main production is their Erbaluce di Caluso, which has also enjoyed a lot of favor here in the past, but today we’re talking about their very impressive and compelling Ros Nebbiolo.  


If blinded on it, I’m going to say there’s not many among us who wouldn’t instantly guess Barbaresco, or even Barolo at first, given the refined, earthy depth that this wine exhibits.  But, being from further north in the Canavese, the vein of pulsating energy and beautifully herbaceous nuance that lurks underneath, in the end, signals that we’re outside of the Langhe entirely.  


There are a number of nice Canavese on the market, but, like I said, this is easily the most noble expression of this overlooked DOC that I’ve encountered…


So there you have it…two great Spring-y expressions of my favorite grape on earth…


Nebbiolo, two ways…



Extra Brut Segretevigne VSQ 2017 



Canavese Rosso 'Ros' 2019


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