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My Pound-for-Pound Favorite of Elian's Wines
Elian da Ros, the Superstar of the Southwest returns to the shelves today in the form of the wonderful Vignoble d'Elian, which is probably (pound for pound) my favorite red in his lineup.  

Oddly enough, it's the one that we have in stock the least frequently.

The Vignoble, in terms of price at least, lies in between the entry-level (and crowd favorite) 'Vin est une Fete' and the darker, more powerful 'Chante Coucou'.

For me, though, the Vignoble has always held a special place, and that can probably be explained by the fact that it's his only Cabernet Franc-based (50%) wine in the lineup.  Consequently, the Vignobles displays the most overtly herbaceous and savory character - two 'descriptors' that always seem to find their way into the things I write about the wines I love.

But we're not talking the fragrant, tart Loire-style Cab Franc here...nor are we talking the luxurious right-bank Bordeaux style.  Like all things from the SW, the Cab Franc here is a extra-herbaceous, burly, wild man breed of the grape.

It's got a darker profile, more structure and those great animale notes, which are only furthered by the addition of 20% Syrah.  The final 30% of Merlot nicely rounds out the mountain man-ness.

I say this every time that I write about Da Ros, and for now it still holds.  These wines are so under-the-radar it's almost silly, but some day the bandwagon will find them.

For now, though, they're all ours!

Matt Franco
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