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My Favorite Wines in the Shop Right Now...
When you run a tiny shop with a highly curated selection, it kinda goes without saying that you adore every wine on the shelf.

So much so that the often asked questions like 'Have you tasted it?  Is it actually good?' can seriously rub you sometimes.  

But I digress.

That whole concept of only selling what you like (and the pitfalls associated with not stocking what's popular) aside, on any given day, if asked, I'd probably have a few things at the top of mind...or favorites of the moment, if you will.

Well, on this given this current are those favorites...


Castellu d'Alba Blanc 2020 - This positively delightful white is our first foray into the wines of Corsican producer Castellu d'Alba, but it's been quite a debut.  This blend of Vermentino, Bianchetta Genovese & Biancu Gentile is a pretty mind-blowing example of Corsican white, most especially at the rather modest price.  It's fresh and aromatic, but also substantial and with lovely, rich slightly nutty/briny complexity on the finish.

Domaine de la Reniere Saumur Blanc La Cerisaie 2020 - Another of our favorite additions this year have been the wines of Domaine de la Reniere, and this lovely Chenin Blanc La Cerisaie is all the proof you'll need as to why.  There's not many wines that are quite as subtly profound as a linear, mineral, deftly textured glass of Chenin...and this is a linear, mineral and oh-so deftly textured glass of Chenin...really...

Koehler Ruprecht Chardonnay Spatlese Trocken Kallstadter Annaberg 2021 - One of my absolute favorite wines in all of Germany, KR's Chardonnay Trocken comes from the Annaberg site, which is rich with sandstone and chalk, yielding a mineral-driven Chablis-like wine, with all the linear, tense, nervy beauty you expect from great German white...but from...Chardonnay...absolutely chiseled, laser-like Chardonnay.  In addition to being one of our favorites, it's also developed a huge following with our customers.


Monument Wine Company Daughter Red 2021 - Tyler Magyar, the one-man show behind boutique producer Monument Wine Co has a great philosophy in the tagline on his site - 'something small that stands for something bigger'.  Now, being that that line sums up my shop about as perfectly and succinctly as possible, I'd probably sell his wines on its strength alone.  Then, when you taste such a bright, juicy, fragrant, racy, impossible-to-stop-drinking wine like his Daughter Red, a dainty but profound blend of 75% Willamette Pinot Noir and 25% Columbia Gorge Syrah, you know that he's not just talking the talk.  The point is that I really like his wines, and probably have a lot in common with him so...Tyler, if you're reading, let's drink sometime...

Santa Vittoria Canapone 2016 - one of the sleeper hits of the last few months was this completely unique and totally delicious red from genius Tuscan experimenter Santa Vittoria.  It's a 50/50 blend of Sangiovese and Pugnitello, 50% of which is allowed to partially raisin, resulting one helluva cool Tuscan red.  Think Chianti, but with a seriously punchy bass to it - deep, dark, iron-y - and with more non-tannin texture than you typically get from Tuscan reds.  Make some comfort pasta or a piece of meat and you're in biz!

Les Mets d'Ames Les Sens de la Vie 2018 - From the totally overlooked Madiran zone of Southwest France, this beautiful wine combines the generous dark fruit of the Cabernet Sauvignon with the fiercely herbaceous and structured nature of Tannat, the local superstar varietal.  It's a lovely alternative choice for red meats or any warming, comforting meal, especially if you're looking for something with a little more grit and soul to it.  I'm also excited to see how it ages.  The only sad part about it is the fact that this is likely a one-and-done, since this fantastic producer won't be making wine any longer!

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