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More Great Muscadet - Because Oysters


There is something about oysters alongside a classic, mineral-rich white wine from the Loire.


And, as good as all of the mineral rich whites from the Loire are, there's just something about Muscadet...


...and oysters...


And, right now...we have both great Muscadet...


...and great oysters...


...really...well kinda...


For the last two weeks, we have been working with the World's Your Oyster CSA as one of their pickup points, and I have to say that they are a great group of people and their northeastern oysters, mostly from Maine, are stellar - fresh as a daisy, and as stony/briny/rich as the day is long. 


If you're a local, and want more info, please head to


Now, to go along with your oysters, wherever you get them from, we gots the juice - specifically from Domaine Gadais. 


First we have the Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine 'Domaine Tourmaline' which, at $14 (yes, $14) is about as much wine for the dough as you could possibly ask for.  It's balanced, fresh, lively, textured and packed with minerals...the kind of minerals that perfectly jive with the minerals in those glorious bi-valves.


(And, plus, it's still sporting the ultra-classic, Chadderdon-era Muscadet label, which is cool...)


Then, we have their Monnières Saint Fiacre 2016...yes 2016...for those of you who wanna cut straight to the evolved example of Muscadet, because evolution brought us oysters and the people who eat them, so a wine evolving over the course of 8 years has gotta be good, right? 


(The answer is yes, just in case you were wondering...)


Hailing from arguably Muscadet's greatest site, the Fiacre is rounder and weightier, with more texture, and a fantastically elegant, mineral packed palate.  


Muscadet...because Oysters...


...and Oysters...because Muscadet...


...just because...



Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine Domaine Tourmaline 2020 

Muscadet de Sèvre et Maine Monnières Saint Fiacre 2016


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