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More Gems from Luis Pato
About a month ago, my offer for the brilliant wines of Luis Pato put up some pretty serious numbers.

Not only that, it left a number of folks out in the cold after they missed out on the goods...which is always a bummer.  

Today, the wines are different (well, two of them are), but the spirit is the same - three singular wines from arguably Portugal's most important producer...which is pretty spirited...

First, we have Pato's Branco Vinhas Velhas 2017, which just might be able to knock Pato's Maria Gomes Branco off the pedestal of most insane value in the shop right now.  And, yes, 2017 is the vintage.

A blend of Bical, Cercial and Sercialinho, this fantastic little white brilliantly displays what makes great Iberian whites so compelling.  On the nose, and the front of the palate, it's starting to develop a nice bit of the wool-y/nutty character you may have experienced from, say, a white Rioja.

As it grooves across your palate, though, a remarkable amount of salty/mineral punch takes over, and ends with a brisk, driving acidity on the finish.  It's one of those wines where you almost don't fully understand how profound it is until well after you finish that first sip and find yourself unconsciously reaching for another to get that taste back on your tongue.  Mature, delicious, and $23.

Next we have that is probably the real star of this offer in terms of intrigue.  Pato's 2005 Vinho Rosato is very impressive stuff, indeed.  A deep, structured, incredibly complex and, yes, 17 year old rosé made of 100% Baga.  At first glance, it might be tempting to think that Pato set out to create Portugal's answer to Tondonia Rosado, but, in reality, it was a happy accident.

When they made this one-off in 2005, it was so reduced and had such high acidity, that they decided they couldn't sell it.  They chose to lay it down, in hopes of tasting it again in a few years.  Instead, they forgot about it entirely, only to find it again a few months ago.  Not only did it get good, it got great...really great...

Despite all that age, the laser of acidity that runs through it offer great tension against all that lovely, developed berry fruit.

Finally, there's more of Pato's fabulous Vinha Pan 2013, one of the amazing wines that a lot of you missed out on from the previous Pato offer.

Because nobody should miss out... don't miss out...

Branco Vinhas Velhas 2017
Vino Rose 2005
Bairrada Vinha Pan 2013

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