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Monday Special - One of My (and Your) Favorite Barberas Returns!


Of all the wines that become fan-fave standards here at MCF, I feel like a great many of them are, and have always been, Barberas.


It's easy to understand why, too.  Well-made Barbera has got everything going for it - it's usually very fairly priced, immediately enjoyable and it offers a ton of quality for the money. 


It's also got its own, totally unique character - while there are many grapes you can compare to Barbera in a way, for me it still stands alone in how it simultaneously expresses dark fruit and deep, savory complexity in a tremendously fresh package. 


That freshness comes from the fact that it's a grape with virtually no tannin and very high levels of acidity. 


Totally unique. 


The other major thing great Barbera has going for it, and that many people are finally realizing, is that it ages beautifully, as well. 


Having had very nice examples from as far back as the 70s, I can tell you that I'm rarely not pleasantly surprised by an older bottle. 


So...yeah, everyone loves Barbera...and everyone especially loves Barberas like today's, which has become about as high-speed seller here of any wine that I offer all year long. 


That wine, of course, is the Barbera d'Alba Superiore Regiaveja 2018 of Bovio.


As a matter of fact, speaking of high-speed sales, this is actually the second large shipment of it that we've had here this year, but it sold out so quickly last time, that I never even had a chance to write it up.  


If you already know Regiaveja, you probably scrolled right to the bottom to click the order button.  If you don't, you can read the story of how I fell in love with it by clicking HERE


Bovio's wines are consistently fantastic, especially their Barberas, which, if you ask me, they're one of the unsung masters of.  This wonderful 2018 perfectly balances the dark richness that is so characteristic of a young Regiaveja, with the racy, perfumed freshness you expect, as well.  


It's everything you want from a Barbera, and most especially if you're looking to let it sit for a good 5-10.  


Given how quickly it went back in March, I don't anticipate these lasting very long at all, so...


...just do it! 


You may order by emailing or calling 212.255.8870.


Matt Franco

MCF Rare Wine, Ltd

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