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Monday Deal - Hirsch San Andreas Pinot Noir


Sometimes, a newsletter kind of writes itself, because, well...there's not much else I need to say.


Today is one of those days.  


What else can I say about one of the most historic and revered estates in the Sonoma Coast AVA, whose wines need no introduction?  


Not much, really.  


I will say, however, that this 2017 San Andreas Pinot Noir from Hirsch Vineyards is gorgeous, blazingly-bright, hyper fragrant, lively and delicate Sonoma Coast Pinot other words, classic Hirsch. 


In a youthful state like this, Hirsch is always racy, cool and high-toned, which is absolutely what Hirsch fans love about their wines. 


I was enjoying all of those elements immensely on the night I brought it home.  However, it was the 'day two' action that really grabbed me, and made me jump on this deal.  The bright, racy, floral profile had given way to a deeper, rounder, more textured red fruit, with all the earthy nuance you expect from a great Pinot Noir. 


I'll resist the urge to compare it to an aged Burgundy, because, while certain nuances of mature Pinot Noir are quite universal, whether you're in CA, OR, the Cote d'Or or even Germany, the distinct brightness, subtle spice and cool, nervous edge this wine displayed, even on day two, was Sonoma Coast through and through. 


So, yeah, there's that part, where this is a delicious, classic SC Pinot from a producer who needs no intro, which you can drink now, and revel in its energetic youthfulness...or let it rest for a few years, and enjoy the depth and nuance that comes with age. 


Then there's this part...


...ya know, the part where instead of being $68/btl, we're looking at $49/btl ($46/btl in a case). 


So, while I probably didn't need to say anything other than -






30% OFF!!!


I need to feel like I'm doing some kind of work with these things...


You may order by emailing or calling 212.255.8870.


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