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Meursault Deal!!
Normally, these kinds of deals don't come knocking until January.

This fine Monday in December, however, we find a deal that's pounding on your door.  

Not rudely...but just...assertively....

Bouzereau-Gruere has long been a favorite unsung producer of ours here at MCF.  Sometimes it's their mind-blowingly-delightful-for-the-price Bourgogne Rouge, but, most often, it's their major appellation whites (Chassagne, Puligny, Meursault) that are in the spotlight.

And that's what we have here.

Two different lieu dit Meursault from their lineup that are a) both stunningly delicious in different ways and, more importantly, b) on a VERY NICE DEAL.

First, we have the Meursault Les Grands Charrons 2021 which is just wide open, broad and, with its wonderful balance between richer, nuttier, honeyed elements with a citric/mineral core, showing a surprisingly high level of depth at this young age.

Honestly, if you like a classic, developed flavor from your Meursault, this is one of the best examples for the money that we've tasting in a long time, and it's drinking NOW.

Then we have the Meursault Limozin 2021 which, with its crazily linear edge and wildly zippy, mineral focus, is the perfect counterpart to the Charrons.   Limozin is, to my mind, one of the sites in Meursault that is vastly undervalued and this perfectly taut, structured example from B-G shows exactly why.

This time of year, White Burgundy is an essential item to have on hand, whether to serve at parties, serve at dinner, enjoy with family or to gift.

The reason why is simple - everyone likes good White Burgundy.

So grab some delicious bottles right now today at a great price...

Meursault Les Grands Charrons 2021
Meursault Limozin 2021

You may order by calling 212.255.8870.

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