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Mesquida's Mallorcan Mojo
That title's not just a supremely annoying use of alliteration...'s really true.

While I'm sure there are many opinions on what specifically it means for a wine to have 'mojo', but I'd venture a guess that most of them would center around the notions of a wine having good energy, while also clearly communicating the essence of its home.

So when I tasted the 2023 Sincronia Blanc and Negre from Mesquida Mora the other day, and experienced two wines of such extraordinary energy and such eloquent vernacular, I thought of the word mojo...

Now, I've not been to Mallorca, but I've seen many pictures and heard many stories.  But, in all honesty, I feel like the best description of the island I've ever experienced came in the form of my first whiff and sip of the Sincronia Blanc, a blend of Chardonnay, Giró Blanc, Prensal and Parellada.

It's oily-textured, herbaceous, flinty and so amazingly salty, and the exotic green fruits, while very understated, present themselves at just the right level to tie all of those non-fruit elements together.

You can feel the bright, warm sun, the rocky landscape, the salty ocean breeze...

...and, same too with the Sincronia Negre, though it's obviously through a different lens...

...which is a lens utilizing Cabernet (45%), Callet (35%), Gorgollassa (13%), Mantonegro (6%) and Monasrell 1%...

...which, I suppose, makes it more of a kaleidoscope than just a lens.

Yeah...let's go with's pretty kaleidoscopic in its expression of the scenery described above.

Red and black fruits are intertwined with your customary Mediterranean, spicy herbaceousness, all of which is tinted with a bit of smoky incense and a boatload of that same amazing saltiness, all while having an overall feel that is so breezy and light on its feet, that, again, you can't help but feel like you know what it means to be there...

(and the super fun, Euro/80s/Summer aesthetic on the labels helps too)


...Mallorcan mojo...

Sincronia Blanc 2023
Sincronia Negre 2023

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