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Mauro Franchino: The Gattinara Master

With all of the great producers from Alto Piemonte that are now available to us here in the states, this once obscure area's wines have cemented themselves as favorites of American Nebbiolo fans.

For me, though, one producer really displays the true greatness of Northern Piedmont, and that's Mauro Franchino.

Perhaps it's because of how I discovered his wines, a story you can read here if you are new to the list.

But for me, of all of the wonderful producers I work with from what we would consider Alto Piemonte, Franchino's wines blend all of the hallmarks of mountain Nebbiolo - the elegance, the purity, the high-toned aromatics and the ethereal sense of terroir - more perfectly than just about anyone.

Today's 2012 is yet another example of why I say this.  The pure red fruits hint at the earthy, rosy, minty complexity that's buried inside, and the firm backbone indicates the serious longevity that the wines are capable of. 

In a way, I consider this the most purely feminine expression of Nebbiolo that I sell...and we always sell all of it rather quickly... don't hesitate on these.

I'm having visions of Agnolotti on Christmas Eve, so I might have to hold back a few for myself...

Matt Franco

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