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Mature Jura x Three
Two different Jura producers, three different wines.

All three are in a wonderfully maturing state, all three are fabulously delicious.

Lucien Aviet (Le Caveau de Bacchus) and Domaine Ratte both make wines that toe a classic Jura line, but here we have a chance to compare their styles with two bottlings of Trousseau.

I often talk about a wine having wisdom - the kind that only quality, combined with time can impart.

Let's go with that theme, and let's picture it this way -

Aviet's Trousseau Ruzard 2016 is your elegant, learned uncle.  He has a PhD in history, teaches ancient civilizations at a university, reads a lot of Aurelius et al., and has laser-sharp insights on the world.  He imparts his wisdom with a level of articulation that most people aspire to, but is never condescending or dismissive of anyone else, or their views.

Domaine Ratte's Trousseau Les Corvées 2019, on the other hand, is your stockily-built uncle, who played fullback in high school, served in the Marines, then returned to found a home building empire from the ground up.  He's brawny, full-throated and loves to make backhanded comments about 'all these college boys who make 1/20th what he does'.  His brassiness is mostly an act, though, as it's just his humorous cover for what is actually a gentle, caring, profoundly worldly wisdom, the kind that only the overcoming of trial after trial can impart on a person.

Both of these wines are proper expressions of Trousseau that have so much to communicate, but Aviet's is elegantly illuminating, while Ratte's is lovingly brash.

Add to that wine #3 - Aviet's Savagnin 2016.  If the two reds are your dueling uncles, locked in an eternal struggle of book smarts vs street smarts, this gloriously nutty/savory sous voile Savagnin white is their crusty, musty, still-working-at-age-80 father, who's constantly telling them to STFU and bring out the cheese course.


Because, one whiff of this rich, rustic Savagnin, and you'll STFU and put out the cheese course. better get some Morbier and Comté...

CAVEAU de BACCHUS (Lucien Aviet)
Arbois Savagnin 2016
Arbois Trousseau Ruzard 2016

Arbois Trousseau Les Corvées 2019

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