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Mastroberardino Super Deal


So, as I've been saying, I've been laying low and the offers lately, but here's one that I just can't wait on, because it's too good.


I always sell my Mastroberardino at great pricing, but that great pricing's usually associated with a months-long wait for the shipment to arrive.


Today, it's the great pricing without wait - the wines will begin arriving on Tuesday!    


The focused, mineral and pure 2015 Taurasi Radici and the generous, powerful, yet refined 2014 Taurasi Radici Riserva are both fantastic!   


The classic, volcanic, smokey, stony elements are all there, wrapped about the firm structure these wines are so known for.  They'll both drink now, but will both be best some years down the road. 


Normally, I'm a bit more verbose when offering what have always been two of my favorite wines on earth, but when the juice is this good, and the price is this good, there's not all that much left to say...


...except that I hope everyone remains safe and healthy (and sane) right now. 


RE Sanity: A big plate of meaty pasta with a glass of either of these will certainly help. 



TAKE AN ADDITIONAL 10% OFF a case of 12 (mixed or solid).


You may order by emailing or calling 212.255.8870.


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