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Mas Foulaquier Returns!


Happy November.


With as perfectly-timed an arrival as could be imagined, the newest releases from one of our most beloved insider-gem producers in all of France have just hit our shelves. 


These are, of course, the wines of Mas Foulaquier. 


The husband/wife team of Pierre Jéquier and Blandine Chaucet continue to churn out some of the most modestly-priced and underappreciated wines in Southern (and honestly, all of) France.  Working biodynamically in the Pic Saint Loup, they take the earthy, spicy, fruit forwardness often associated with the region and elevate it to a level of freshness, balance and precision that you don't often see. 


In this latest shipment, we have two standards and one newbie. 


The two standards are the impeccably fresh, lively, joyous and sneakily complex Pic St Loup l'Orphée 2019, and the deep, leathery, and utterly profound Gran' Tonillières 2017.  


The Orphée is a classic blend of 50% Syrah, with the remaining 50% being a blend of Grenache and Carignan.  It skews toward the dark end of the fruit spectrum, but, again, the nimble freshness it counters the dark/mineral elements with is what makes it so enjoyable.  Lovely now, better in a year or two. 


The Gran' Tonilliéres, their top wine, comes from a single plot of sixty-plus year old Carignan vines, and is as casually profound an offering as you'll find at this price point.  As beautiful as it is now, with a few years in the cellar, all of the edgy, rustic, savory, leathery elements emerge fully, giving it an almost 'poor man's Rayas' kind of character (for lack of a better term).


Finally, the newbie offering is the Les Indiennes, a lovely, super-light red made entirely of very gently extracted Grenache.  This late bottling, known as the 'extras-2ème mise', spent an additional 12 months in the concrete vats, endowing it with even more depth and zippy nuance.  It's all bright berries and spice, and is, alongside last week's Roche Honneur Chinon, probably the most Thanksgiving-friendly red on the shelf right now. 


Thanksgiving is coming...



Les Indiennes extras-2ème mise 2018 

Pic Saint Loup L'Orphée 2019 

Gran' Tonillieres 2017


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