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Mas del Serral -  The Brilliance Continues
Ever since the first release of Mas del Serral, it's been a sincere pleasure to both watch the wine mature into one of the great sparkling wines on earth, and to get to know its creator, Pepe Raventos.

The initial vintage, the 2007, blew my mind the first time I tasted it.  The next release, the 2009, while quite a different expression due to the vintage, showed a wine that was already honing its character, and that continued with last year's rich, yet driven 2010.

Today's 2011 continues that same trend, not only is the wine a delicious and compelling expression of the Clos del Serral site, but it also shows another story - that of a man feeling his way through the process of creating a singular wine in real time, and doing it in the most transparently honest and humble way you could hope for.

On the Mas del Serral website, Pepe has this quote, which perhaps sums up everything about what it means to have a vision for something, and to pursue it without shortcuts or compromises, while working solely with what you're given.

"The longer I have lived in Mas del Serral, the more I realize the uncertainties in making wine.  That there are no premeditated rules and that there are no sciences to follow."

Given his status both in his home region and on the larger wine world's stage, it would be easy for Pepe to have approached this wine from a place of arrogance and/or comfort, to have bottled something that was engineered to taste very good, though rather uninspiring, and relied on his reputation to carry it through the finish line.

But he indeed did the opposite - he is pursuing something unique, something singular and something extraordinary, not matter the obstacles.  And, while I would argue he already has achieved this and then some, he's clearly still working toward more.

I'll also add that the above quote is not just fancy dressing for website aesthetic - when you talk to him about this wine, it's clear how deeply, emotionally invested in this project he is.

While I'm acutely aware that $180 sparkling wine of any origin, let alone Spain, isn't going to be for everyone, I will say what I always say when I offer the Mas del Serral - just trust me on this one, because we all have a chance to watch this wine blossom and evolve in real time...

...and we should all be thankful for that chance.

MAS del SERRAL 2011

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