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Marion Valpolicella Superiore 2012 (w/Special Discounts)

We'll call this one a 'Good Friday Deal'.

After all it's 'Good Friday'.  

The weather here in NYC is Spring-perfect.

The Rangers took game 1 against the Habs.

The Mets are hitting the ball.

It's a Holiday Weekend.

So all in all, I'd say it's a really good Friday (in addition to being 'Good Friday').

So why not cap it off with a terrific deal on a terrific wine.  

Valpolicella, and all of it's further iterations like Amarone and Recioto, are, to me, some of the hardest wines to get right.

A lot of them just aren't very good.  Many of them have the right idea, but are over the top with the raisiny character.

But there are a handful of producers who I believe do a fabulous job, and Marion is certainly one of them.

Their Amarone and Passito Cabernet may get all of the attention, but at $37, their Valpolicella Superiore is really worthy of consideration, especially this fantastic 2012.

When you first yank the cork, it's a bit grumpy with slight hints of the acetone-y aromas that you can sometimes get from the region.  But it quickly sorts itself out with some air and really comes alive.

Deep, dark, smooth and with great dark, earthy flavors and aromas, this is a seamless glass of Valpolicella and one that strikes well the balance between power and finesse -- something many producers can struggle with.

It's a fantastic glass of classic Valpo and today I'm pinging it out with really great discounts on 3, 6 and 12 packs!

Just for you.

Because it's Friday, and Friday is Good.



$99.90/3-pack (10% discount)                   

$188.70/6-pack (15% discount)                  

$355.20/case of 12 (20% discount)            

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