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Luigi's 'Little' Gem
To call this wine 'little' in any way is more than a bit of a stretch, I suppose.  After all, it's a brawny, smoky, mineral beast of a wine...

...though, to be fair, standing beside it's much brawnier big siblings the Taurasi Puro Sangue and Taurasi Poliphemo, I guess that 'little' would be more appropriate.


Despite technically being his 'entry level' red, Luigi Tecce's Campi Taurasini Satyricon is a rather stout wine in its own right.

Made of his younger Aglianico vines, and then raised entirely in stainless steel, the Satyricon is a wild, free-spirited glass of boisterous, solidly mineral, deeply volcanic red...

...but one that needn't sit in your cellar for years and years before being ready to approach.

It's the perfect glass of substantial-yet-joyous Aglianico for any hearty, rich, or gamey meal, and, yeah, it's damned perfect with pizza.

Though, after the epic lunch I had with Luigi a few years ago, I should point out without hesitation that the Satyricon ages beautifully as well.

I always stash a few for myself...for whatever that's worth... ;)

...I mean, you made it to the end of this offer, so I guess that it means you consider it worth something...(??)

Campi Taurasini Satyricon 2019

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