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Lovely, Lovely Roussillon
The other week I was at a supplier tasting for Weygandt Imports and, among many standouts, one wine really grabbed my attention.

Like grabbed my attention and then shook really hard.

(And, to be totally fair, it was my Weygandt buddy Ben who brought it to my attention...)

It wasn't any of the Burgundies, or Chateauneuf, or Rieslings, or Champagnes, though...

No, leaping over all of the shinier items it was surrounded by was the Domaine Gauby La Foun 2013.

Yes, a red wine from the Côtes du Roussillon, made entirely of Cinsault, with ten years of bottle time under its belt was easily the best wine in the room that day.

At least for me.

And, honestly, it's one of the best wines I've tasted lately.

Everything about it is just so perfect right now.

It's fully blossomed, allowing all of the rustic, herbaceous, spicy, feral and deeply earthy Roussillon goodness to sing, unimpeded.

It's a wine that has as much flavor and complexity as you can ask for, but it sits solidly in the medium-bodied column, and is so wonderfully balanced and elegant on the palate.

Yes, yes, I know...the price may seem...ambitious...for a Côtes du Roussillon, but just trust me, this is the wine you want in your glass on a cool Fall evening.

Think all of the depth of a fully mature Chateauneuf...

...with even more of a wild streak...

...but that's almost weightless on the palate...

...and has all the profound soul to stand next to just about anything from any region...

That sounds pretty good to me...

...which it is...

...s0...I guess that's why I said that...

Okay, that's all...

Côtes du Roussillon Rouge La Foun 2013

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