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Lovely, Electric Sudtirolers from Franz Gojer


I feel like it's been a really long time since I've sold some wines like these two...or maybe that's just because when both of these landed, I was so excited at how good they were, that it felt like I'd forgotten just how good wines like this are.


(if that makes sense...)


What 'they' are, are wines from Alto Adige (or Sudtirol), specifically ones made from the Kerner and Lagrein grapes...even more specifically, the wines made of Kerner and Lagrein by the wonderful producer Franz Gojer. 


They are classic examples of their respective styles. 


The Kerner is flat out lovely.  Long one of my favorite sleeper varietals, Kerner is known for being floral, mineral, crisp and, in the best cases, a touch salty.  Couple that with the nice exotic fruit that all of those nuances are enveloped in, and you have a gloriously, refreshingly different option for a fresh white. 


That's exactly what to expect with Gojer's totally textbook and delicious Kerner Karneid 2018.


Then we have the Lagrein Granat 2018, which is a wonderfully electric, dark, berry-fruited, mineral-laden, spice framed glass of fresh, light red. 


Lagrein is a wine of contrasts, in a way.  The color and fruit profile suggest a full, structured red (it's a cousin of Syrah), but the super-lively aromatics and racy acidity on the finish make it a wine that's at once flavor packed and lightning fast on its feet.  I couldn't stop coming back to this one. 


Producing less than 4000 cases, Franz Gojer is a gem of the Alps...


...and his wines have me back in a Dolomite state of mind. 

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