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Lively, Joyous Pineau d'Aunis
As I've mentioned (probably too) many times, my early days in this business aligned exactly with the Loire boom in the US.   All of the cool kids who were interested in the world beyond critic points were importing quirky, interesting wines from the as yet lesser known wine regions of Europe, and the Loire was ground zero for that.

Sauvignon and, to a slightly lesser extent, Chenin Blanc from the region were already well established, but the red wines, made of Cab Franc, Gamay, Côt and Pinot Noir were causing all kinds of excitement amongst us young punks.

While Cab Franc in the form of Chinon, Bourgueil, Saumur, etc. was the main attraction, the very first time I tasted a wine made from Pineau d'Aunis was an experience I'll never forget.

And to this day, encountering a well-made Pineau d'Aunis is as enjoyable a moment as I have in wine.

Last week I experienced as enjoyable a moment as I have in wine.

While Anne-Cécile Jadaud and Tanguy Perrault of Domaine Perrault-Jadaud are located in, and specialize in Chenin from Vouvray and its surrounding areas, they do also work just about 3ha of vineyards near Amboise, so that Anne-Cécile can continue her passion for red wines, as well.

It's here that the fruit for this lively, bright, oh-so joyous Pineau d'Aunis Sergent Pepper 2022 is sourced.

While it's certainly on the softer/juicier side of Pd'A, it still has all the glorious light red fruits and signature (white) peppery edge that finishes with amazing, palate-energizing acidity.

While some Pineau d'Aunis can be too rustic/austere/aggressively peppery/herbaceous for some, the Sergent Pepper is just so affable and irresistibly glugg-able, that I think just about everyone can get on board with it.

We had a tease of early Spring weather this week here in NYC, and let me tell you, the thought of checking out and enjoying a chilled glass of this in a park definitely crossed my mind...

Get it now, while you can, so you can do exactly that when your home weather tells you to...

Pineau d'Aunis Sergent Pepper 2022

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