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Lisini's Brilliant Brunelli
I know, it's probably the last thing on your mind in the hot weather...

...or maybe you're about to grill steak or a pork chop...

...and in that case, it'd probably be quite top of mind.

In any case, Lisini's Brunello and Brunello Ugolaia are as 'staple' as staple gets here at MCF.  Their paradoxical combination of traditional brawn and elegant charm are, for me, what makes great Brunello so great.

Add to that their outstanding capacity to age, and you've got one complete set of wines.

The Brunello normale is one of the great pound for pound values in ageworthy Italian red in my opinion, and this 2018 is one that showcases just how elegant and engaging this wine can be.

It's joyous and open, invigoratingly fresh, yet finishes with subtle structure and muscle.  Having had examples of this wine as old as the 1970s, I can attest to its ability to gracefully develop over the decades!

Then there's Lisini's jewel - the Brunello Ugolaia.  Hailing from a single vineyard of the same name, this is, as always, fabulous in 2017.  It's a richer, slightly more friendly expression than typical from this brilliant wine, but it's still tightly wound, tight-lipped and elegant.  It's a wine that implores you for cellar time, which I always highly recommend with any Ugolaia.  Unlike its predecessors, the 2015 & 2016, though, this one won't require two decades to unlock its splendor

Man, I know I said that Brunello tends to be the last thing on my mind this time of year, but just typing this offer out kinda has me itching for a glass of one of some Lisini...

...go figure...

Brunello di Montalcino 2018
Brunello di Montalcino Ugolaia 2017

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